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3 Oct. 2019 Talk: Building a Comprehensive Database for Social Science and Evidence-based Policy Research: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen
10 Apr. 2019 Book Launch: Going Backward and Forward at the Same Time: Ethnic Chrysalis and Making History Useful for Contemporary Ethnic Communities in Northeast China
17 Apr. 2018 Talk: Debt Diplomacy and World Peace: The Mongols and the Political in China's Quest for a Global Superpower Status
28 Mar. 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Berkeley in 2000s: A Dialogue with Dr. Dong Tiezhu 董鐵柱
21 Mar. 2018 Open Class: French Sinology and China Studies in France: A Dialogue with Professor Angela Ki-che Leung 梁其姿
14 Mar. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Deluge and Reconstruction: Modernist Developmentalism in the Huai River Basin, 1927-37
28 Feb. 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Stanford in 1970s: A Dialogue with Prof. Helen Siu 蕭鳳霞
8 Feb. 2018 Briefing: China Studies Field Trip: Harbin and Heihe, Heilongjiang Province 黑龍江省哈爾濱市及黑河市學術考察之旅
7 Feb. 2018 Open Class: China Studies at Harvard in 1950s: A Dialogue with Prof. Paul Cohen 柯文
4-6 Dec. 2017 International Conference on Re-Thinking China’s North ”再談中國北方”國際學術研討會
23 Nov. 2017 Lecture: Migrant Workers' Cultural Practices in Post-Mao China: Exploring Struggles around the Politics of Recognition and "Regimes of Appearance"
9 Nov. 2017 Lecture: Abandoned Theme Parks as Traces of Material Culture, Vestiges of Desire, and Ephemeral Spectacles
26 Oct. 2017 Lecture: From Dakou to D.I.Y: The Punk-rock Movement in Contemporary China
16-18 Oct. 2017 Lecture & Workshop: The Fourth Policeman: Reconsidering FDR’s Vision for China’s Postwar Role
24 May 2017 Talk: Constellating Hong Kong Literature: Dung Kai-cheung’s Atlas in A World Literary Dialogism
23 May 2017 Talk: “The Cultural Revolution in Hong Kong”:The Cultural Revolution Discourse in Hong Kong Leftist Newspaper Wen Wei Po (「文革在香港」:香港《文匯報》中的「文革」話語)
22 May 2017 Talk: The Poetics of "Vibrant Objects": An Analysis of Natalia Chan's The Flying Coffin (飛天棺材 2007)
19 Apr. 2017 Talk: Some Reflections on Human Communities and their Boundaries
11 Nov. 2016 Seminar: Making Space for Engineering Education: the South China Institute of Engineering
2 Sep. 2016 Talk: How to be “The Most Lustful Man Ever” and Be Guilt-free: Some Thoughts on the caizi Baoyu, and The Launch of Changing Chinese Masculinities: From Imperial Pillars of State to Global Real Men
6 Jun. 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: A Special Trialogue: Hong Kong in China Studies
5 Jun. 2016 Talk: Frontier China
1 Jun. 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: China in the World
20 May 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Ethnic Studies in China
29 Apr. 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: War Memories in China Studies
31 Mar. 2016 Lecture: Chinese Suffragette: Tang Qunying (1871-1937) and a ‘Woman’s Republic
21 Mar. 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Digital Humanities in China Studies
10 Mar. 2016 Lecture: Critical Dialogues about China: Digital Humanities in China Studies
20.nov.2015 Talk: Biotech in Hong Kong: How Biologist-Entrepreneurs Pursued ‘Hong Kong’s Bioscience Dream
19 Nov. 2015 Talk: Making religion, making local society: private life of a Chinese Catholic village
29 Oct. 2014 Talk: Chinese Translocal Migration to Peru, 1849-1890
6 Jun. 2014 Talk: Harnessing The Human Frontier: The Orochen And Qing Borderland Administration
5 Jun. 2014 Talk: Cultural Paranoia and Purgation of Chinese Ghost Stories
4 Jun. 2014 Talk: Public Health and Private Charity in China: Lessons from the Early Twentieth Century
27 Jun. 2013 Talk: Chinese Textbooks (1902-1937): Telling Stories and Socializing Elites
10 Apr. 2013 Seminar: Home Away From Home: Displacement and Cosmopolitanism in the Itinerary of Xiao Hong
28 Mar. 2013 Book Launch: China Fashion - Conversations with Designers
13 Dec. 2012 Seminar: Love and the Sentimental Family in Qing China
1 Nov. 2012 Seminar: China’s New Economic Elites: Family histories and social change
7 May 2012 Research Colloquium: Cultural power: the socio-cultural study of fashion system in contemporary China
20 Feb. 2012 Research Colloquium: Guoxue (National Learning) since the 1990s: a Discourse Analysis
6 Feb. 2012 Research Colloquium: Theorizing Women’s Writing in Women’s Press
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