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Loretta Kim
Dr. Loretta KIM 金由美 (Assistant Professor)
Email Address:
Research Interests
: comparative history of frontiers and borderlands, late imperial and modern Chinese history, Sino-Russian cultural relations, and Chinese ethnic minority languages and literature
Current Research Projects:
Weaving Onomastic Tapestries: Corpus-Building and Analysis of Non-Chinese Names in Northeastern China, 1368-1948
Reconstructing Local Communities in Transitional Borderlands: Governance and Social Organization of the Kumarcin, 1900-1940
Courses Taught: SINO1003 (Greater China: A Multidisciplinary Introduction), SINO2001 (China in the World: From Sinology to China Studies), SINO2002 (China in the World: Critical Paradigms), SINO2004 (Research Skills for China Studies), SINO2010 (China Regional Studies - Northeast), SINO2011 (Taiwan Studies), SINO2012 (Chinese Martial Studies)

Nathanel AMAR
Dr. Nathanel AMAR 馬泰然 (Postdoctoral Fellow, HKU Society of Fellows)
Email Address:
Research Interests: Chinese popular culture, counter-culture, popular music, ethnicity, identity politics, cultural hegemony, collective action, cultural studies
Teaching Interests: nationalism, ethnicity, identity politics, collective action, popular culture, social mobilisation, subaltern studies
Home Page:
Courses Taught: SINO2017 (Nationalism, Ethnicity and Identity in Contemporary China)

LEUNG Shuk Man
Dr. LEUNG Shuk Man 梁淑雯 (Assistant Professor, China Studies/Hong Kong Studies and School of Chinese)
Email Address:
Research Interests: Late Qing and modern Chinese Literature, Hong Kong literature and culture illness writing in contemporary Chinese fiction
Teaching Interests: modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Hong Kong literature, print culture in Greater China
Courses Taught: CHIN 2172 (Hong Kong Literature) and HKGS (Understanding Hong Kong through Mass Media)
Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Dr. LI Ji 李紀 (Assistant Professor, China Studies and Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences)
Email Address:
Research Interests: social, cultural, and religious history of late imperial and modern China, history of Christianity in China, regional history (Northeast and Southwest China), religion and local society, church and state, women and gender, and cross-cultural studies between China and the West
Teaching Interests: Chinese history, women and gender studies, social history of late imperial and modern China, religion and revolution, historiography of sinology, transnational and cross-cultural studies, research skills in China Studies
Home Page:
Courses Taught: SINO2001 (China in the World: From Sinology to China Studies), SINO2004 (Research Skills for China Studies), SINO2013 (Women and Gender in Chinese History), SINO3001 (China Studies Research Project-Capstone)

Victor TEO
Dr. Victor TEO 張維良 (Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies, Affiliate Faculty Member of China Studies)
Email Address:
Research Interests: humanities-based international relations, China and the world, China’s borderlands, illicit political economy of China, modernization challenges, particularly with reference to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), animal-human interactions in China and Greater Asia
Current Research Projects:
Illicit Livelihoods: The Clandestine Globalization of China’s Hidden Borderland Industries and the Global Underground Economy (Supported by Harvard Yenching Institute)
Animals-Human Interactions in the Anthropocene China and Asia (Supported by the Harvard Yenching Institute)
The Chinese Tango in Uncle Sam’s Backyard: Geopolitics, Strategic Partnerships and China’s Latin America’s Foray (1991–2018)
Courses Taught: CCCH9006 (China’s Modernization in the East Asian Context), CCGL9027 (Criminal Entrepreneurs, Clandestine Globalization and the Illicit World Political Economy)
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Social Sciences Stream
ZHU Jiangnan
Dr. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南 (Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration and China Studies - Social Sciences Stream)
Email Address:
Research Interests: comparative political economy in developing and transitional countries, especially Chinese politics, corruption and anticorruption in China, political trust, and media in China
Teaching Interests: Chinese politics, corruption and government integrity, social sciences/political science methodology
Courses Taught: SINO1003 (Greater China: A Multidisciplinary Introduction), SINO2003 (Contemporary China Studies: Issues and Perspectives), SINO3002 (China Studies Directed Project)

Dr. Mia BENNETT 貝內特梅天恩 (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and China Studies)
Email Address:
Research Interests: infrastructure, development, frontiers, indigenous peoples, the Arctic, the Belt and Road Initiative, night lights
Teaching Interests: political geography, GIS and remote sensing, the Belt and Road Initiative, globalization,geographical research methods
Courses Taught: GEOG2142 (Silk Roads Past and Present: China's Belt and Road Initiative in Perspective), SINO3001 (China Studies Research Project-Capstone), GEOG6005 (Research Methods), CCGL 9021 (Globalization and Tourism)
Recent Publications: Bennett, M. M. (2018). "From state-initiated to Indigenous-driven infrastructure: The Inuvialuit and Canada's first highway to the Arctic Ocean." World Development.
Recent Grants:
2018 Regional Studies Association Early Career Grant
2018 The University of Hong Kong Hui Oi-Chow Trust Fund Grant
2018 The University of Hong Kong Seed Fund Grant

QIAN Junxi
Dr. QIAN Junxi 錢俊希 (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and China Studies - Social Sciences Stream)
Email Address:
Research Interests: Urban public space; political economies and cultural logics in China's urbanisation; ethnic minorities and indigenous frontiers; religion; cultural economic geography
Home Page:
Courses Taught: GEOG2109 (Structures, Processes and Mobilities of Human Populations), GEOG2136 (Political Geography), GEOG3423 (Encountering the City: Social and Cultural Perspectives)

Dr. XU Duoduo 許多多 (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Affiliate Faculty Member of China Studies and Geography) *(effective: 1 August 2019)
Email Address:
Research Interests: Migration/ Immigration, Social Stratification and Mobility, Sociology of Education, Urban Sociology, Child and Youth Development, Survey and Quantitative Methods.
Current Research Projects: “Socioeconomic Segregation, School Choice, and Geography of Educational Inequality in Hong Kong,” Hong Kong Research Grant Council General Research Fund (GRF) (16600218, HKD 599,440, 2019 – 2020).
Courses Taught (scheduled): SINO2005 (Readings in China Studies), SOCI2030 (Quantitative Research Methods), GEOG7120 (Urban China: Cultural Basis and Contemporary Issues)​


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