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Research Projects  

The program adopts an interdisciplinary approach to research on Modern China and China’s engagement with the Asian region and the world. We work on projects ranging from the start of the Qing dynasty to the twenty first century that recognise the diversity of China in terms of class, gender, ethnicity and locality.

Current postgraduate students' projects include:-
Anna Costa PhD Program: Chinese Nationalism.
Christine Tsui,
Cui Tao
PhD Program: Contemporary China's Fashion System.
Recent PhD awardees' projects include:-
Selena Dramlic China's National Learning (Guoxue): Historical and Contemporary Evaluations.
Zhang Yun New Writing and Women's Press: The Making of Gendered National Identity in Modern China (1898-1919).

Student's Research Projects:-
Thomas Glucksmann-Smith - E-international Relations: Review of Pessoptimist Nation. 25 October 2011.
- Softpower with Chinese characteristics: promoting creative industries while maintaining political control, China Beat. 30 November 2011.
Ryan Kilpatrick - E-International Relations: National Humiliation in China. 20 October 2011.
Saga McFarland - CNN: China embraces beauty pageants. 19 October 2011
- CNN: Dog boom as China's attitudes on pets, palates change. 1 September 2011



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