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Academic Staff

Dr. Li Ji
Associate Professor
School of Modern Languages and Cultures (China Studies), and
Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS)


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Dr. Li is a joint Associate Professor in China Studies and HKIHSS. She is trained as a historian in three countries – China (B.A. and M.A. at Peking University), USA (Ph.D. at The University of Michigan) and France (Chateaubriand Scholar at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales). Her research areas center on the social, cultural, and religious history of late imperial and modern China, particularly the history of Christianity, religion and local society, women and gender, and cross-cultural studies between China and the West. She has published books and articles in both English and Chinese. She is the author of God’s Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria (Seattle: University of Washington Press 2015), Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) and Chinese Society from the Seventeenth Century to the Present (ed., Leiden: Brill 2021), and At the Frontier of God's Empire: A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China (New York: Oxford University Press 2023).

• Selected Publications
- Book

God’s Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2015.

Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) and China since the Seventeenth Century to the Present. Leiden: Brill, 2021. 

At the Frontier of God’s Empire: A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China. New York: Oxford University Press, 2023.  

- Journal articles and book chapters
“Manuscripts from Father Caubrière: Discovering Untold Stories from Missionary Archives”. Xin Shixue [New Historiography, Special Issue on Microhistory], Vol. 16, 225-243.Edited by Wang Di. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.
 “Mobility and Identity: Christianity and the Making of Local Society in Northeast China, 1840 – 1945”. The Catholic Historical Review 107, no. 2 (2021): 253-276.
“Grassroots Penman for the Empire Expansion: Church Records and Missionary Manuscripts”, in Yiwulü jiangzuo shilu [Collection of Yiwulü Series], Volume 1, edited by Wu Shixu. Shenyang: Liaohai chubanshe, 225-56.
“Filing and Research of Paris Foreign Mission’s Archives of the Vicariate Apostolic of Manchuria”, in Hong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies, Issue No. 10, 131-151.
“‘Little Flowers’: Chinese Christian Women in Northeast China”, in The Contribution of Chinese Women to the Church, edited by Piotr Adamek and Sonja Huang Mei Tin. Franz Schmitt Verlag, Siegburg, 103-118.
“Catholic Communities and Local Governance in Northeast China”, The China Review, Vol. 18, No. 4 (November 2018), 107-129.
“Resistance, Accommodation and Indigenization: Religion and Political Transformation in Modern China”, Twentieth-Century China, Vol 43, no.2, pp. 188-195.
“‘Sacred Heart’ and the Appropriation of Catholic Faith in Nineteenth-Century China,” in Song Gang, ed., Reshaping the Boundaries: The Christian Intersection of China and the West in the Modern Era. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, forthcoming.
“Faith, Gender and Literacy: The Du Letters and Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century Northeast China,” Journal of Tsinghua University, 2014.02: 7-16.
“Perspectives, Sources, Theories and Methodologies: A Case Study of Nineteenth Century Catholicism in Northeast China,” in Wu Xiaoxin ed., Narratives from the Hinterland: Perspective, Methodology, and Trends on the Studies of Christianity in China. Beijing: Guangxi Normal University Press.
“Dissemination of Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century Northeast China: A Study of MEP Archives on Missions Mandchourie”, in Zhao Yifeng ed., Manuscripts, Memories, Localization, and Explanations: New Perspectives on Christianity in Northeast China and Sino-Western Cultural Exchange, p. 107-27. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Publishing House.
"God’s Little Daughters: Christian Virgins and Catholic Communities of Women in Northeast China," The Chinese Historical Review 20. 1: 16–33.
“Measuring Catholic Faith in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century China,” in Owen White and J. P. Daughton eds., In God’s Empire: French Missionaries and the Modern World, p. 173-94. New York: Oxford University Press.


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