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Co-Curricular and Post-Graduation Opportunities  

There are many different career paths that China Studies alumni pursue after completing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The China Studies programme staff support students in exploring diverse interests during their degree-seeking years and acquiring skills that will equip them for productive professional lives, service to their communities, leadership in all forms, and lifelong progress towards long-term goals.


My China Studies Story
Sang Yeop Richard NA (Class of 2019)

Everyone who studies China has their own unique stories of how they first became interested in China. I always enjoyed hearing people sharing their personal stories, and I think it is now my turn.

Attending a local school in Shenzhen as a Korean student for ten years has first exposed me to Sino-Korean relations, which inspired me to choose HKU with a dream of becoming a diplomat. One of my first courses was Dr. Zhu’s “Introduction to Contemporary China.” To be honest, I initially decided to take it simply because I could travel to Shanghai for a week in the name of field trip. But it was this trip that I started to realize China was changing all around me, and I wanted to be a part of the change.

Professionally and personally, the China Studies program was transformative. Professionally, the interdisciplinary program to me was not to grasp everything about China but to learn how to approach a huge country that is rapidly changing. The curriculum sharpened my analytical skills and offered me the chance to find the realm of what became my passion: Sino-Korean security relations, and therefore to better myself as an aspiring China expert.

Personally, I am truly grateful for every professor in the program who always encouraged me to open my mind to new challenges and solutions. I was able to pursue my interests by connecting with many professionals, studying abroad in Singapore, and interning with Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy with their support. Now I feel more comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone.

Four years at HKU have definitely reinforced my passion in China, and I feel privileged to study with an extremely passionate professors and diverse group of classmates. I am excited to continue my China Studies journey as a postgraduate student, and I hope to see more friends join me in the future!

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