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Co-Curricular and Post-Graduation Opportunities  

There are many different career paths that China Studies alumni pursue after completing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The China Studies programme staff support students in exploring diverse interests during their degree-seeking years and acquiring skills that will equip them for productive professional lives, service to their communities, leadership in all forms, and lifelong progress towards long-term goals.


Reflections on China Studies
Wu Kai Wen Ellice (Class of 2017)

When I began university, I was very excited to explore the range of courses in the Arts Faculty. In particular, I was keen on taking China Studies courses that covered aspects of Chinese culture. After my first year, it was a quick decision for me to choose to minor in China Studies in the Arts Stream.

I was very appreciative of the interdisciplinary structure of the China Studies programme, which allowed me to take courses that touched on Chinese history, architecture, media, gender issues, and art – also complementing my major in Fine Arts and second minor in Korean Studies. Altogether, these courses uncovered and allowed me to get to learn so much more than what I’d expected to.

Looking back, I realised that my interest in China Studies stemmed from my curiosity to know more about Chinese culture. As a Hong Konger-Singaporean who grew up in a mostly Western-centric style of education in Singapore, I wanted to rediscover and understand more Chinese perspectives that I felt that I had not quite considered before.

Being a China Studies student taught me a lot about being open to various perspectives, and accepting that there is no one fixed way of looking at cultural issues. Apart from being able to learn more about China Studies on a deeper level, it also led me to begin looking at Hong Kong and Singapore through new, varied perspectives. Post-graduation, I increasingly realised the importance of cultural aptitude when I worked in the arts and heritage sector in Singapore.

The drive to keep learning and being open to other cultures has brought me on my next educational adventure, where I would be pursuing a masters by research on a topic in Western art history at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. It’s exciting for me to be able to continue exploring my other cultural interests, after first stepping into the field of China Studies.

My China Studies Story - Sang Yeop Richard NA (Class of 2019)

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